Our Mission
To contribute to the prosperity, well-being and self-sufficiency of our community through the development of successful and sustainable businesses which respect our cultural values and traditional lands.

Attawapiskat Enterprises (AE), is the operating name of Attawapiskat Resources Inc. The general partner of Attawapiskat Limited Partnership. Our mandate is spelled out in the ALP documents. A for-profit organization that is owned by members of Attawapiskat First Nation. In carrying out this work, we are successfully creating employment and building opportunities in the region for the long term.

Our operations are self-funded, and a portion of dividends go towards the Attawapiskat First Nation Community Trust.

Our role is to:

  • Identify and negotiate suitable business opportunities in the region
  • Develop those business opportunities that we negotiate
  • Provide community support and investment
  • Represent the interests of our companies with other parties
Community Contribution

Using a percentage of our dividends from our business investments, Attawapiskat Enterprises has invested more than $4 million to Attawapiskat First Nation Community Trust, for the benefit of Attawapiskat members. A portion of our profits continue to be contributed to this trust.

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About Attawapiskat

Attawapiskat First Nation is located inland from James Bay on the Attawapiskat River in the Canadian Province of Ontario. It is the most northernly community along the West Coast of James Bay.

Through Attawapiskat Enterprises, we create practical opportunities for our members to work in Attawapiskat First Nation-owned businesses.

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Organization & Structure

Attawapiskat Enterprises is 100% owned by Attawapiskat First Nation and our head office is located in the community. We are an incorporated, for-profit entity that operates separately from Chief and Council. Our operating office is in Timmins, Ontario.

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What we don't do....

Attawapiskat Enterprises is not a Community Development Corporation or a non-profit organization.  We do not assist with individual-owned companies, their business planning and operational support.

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Our Companies
  • Advanced Security Limited Partnership (ASLP)

    In March 2012, Advanced Security, a local security firm was purchased. This is a separate independent business, who became a community-owned enterprise established as part of the works of Attawapiskat Resources Inc. (operated as AE). Advanced Security, a Timmins, Ontario-based provider of security and security risk management protective services, has operated throughout the region for more than 25 years.

    It is the first and only wholly-First Nation-owned and licensed security firm in NE Ontario.

  • Attawapiskat Catering Limited partnership (ACLP)

    Attawapiskat Catering LP was established in 2011 as part of the work of Attawapiskat Resources Inc. — operating as Attawapiskat Enterprises. This is separate independent business.

  • Attawapiskat Cellular Service

    Over the course of two years, we conducted multi-party negotiation with public and private sector companies.  In April 2012, the first community-owned cell phone service was launched as Attawapiskat Cellular Services. The result was improved safety, security and quality-of-life for community members and visitors. This service is now operated by the community-based Attawapiskat Development Corporation.

  • Gord's Rentals

    Gord's Rentals is 100 percent owned and operated by Attawapiskat First Nation. Based in Timmins, Ontario based Gord's Rentals is a tool and equipment supply company, operating for over 50 years catering to the residential, commercial, and industrial needs of Northern Ontario.

Employment and Training
We have held training programs in Attawapiskat for people to learn food preparation and safety standards.  The training program was carried out with support from Collège Boréal and the Province of Ontario.

We launched a second program in co-operation with Collège Boréal, Outland CampsDeBeers Canada and the Province of Ontario.  A two-year “Cooks Certification” program, it will provide training for at least seven individuals from Attawapiskat and other coastal communities.

This process, and working with Outland Camps for on-site training, has resulted in outstanding client satisfaction reports for Attawapiskat Catering personnel working at the Victor Mine operation.

Advanced Security has conducted a few training programs in Attawapiskat for First Nation individuals to prepare them to take formal Ontario Certification testing as security guards.

Our goal as Attawapiskat Enterprises is to seek out practical and realistic employment opportunities in the ventures we establish.  Then we can take steps to supplement Attawapiskat First Nation members’ work skills with additional training to match the jobs that result.
Employment Success

Attawapiskat Catering (ACLP)

ACLP has employed over 110 Attawapiskat First Nation members since the start of our catering contract at the DeBeers Victor Mine. During production (as of April 2019), ACLP had 41 employees at the Victor Mine, 12 were Attawapiskat First Nations Members. ACLP continues to seek new business opportunities and to strives to employ members of the Attawapiskat First Nation and other First Nations.

Advanced Security (ASLP)

ASLP, though our Basic Security Guard Course, has trained over 40 Attawapiskat members as security guards. These guards have worked in the following capacities:

    • Security and Security Supervision at the Victor Mine
    • Security on the Winter Road
    • Peacekeepers in First Nations Communities
    • Instructors of Advanced Security’s Security Guard Course

Advanced Security continues to conduct Basic Security Guard Courses though out Northern Ontario, including in First Nation Communities. We always attempt to fill our guard positions with Attawapiskat First Nation members and other First Nations whenever possible.

Advanced Security, Tech division, provides security services through out the northern regions from Timmins to The James Bay coast. They maintain security services for a few government contracts and the WAHA Health region.

Joint Ventures

Attawapiskat Enterprises has formed many successful Joint Ventures to bid on and perform contracts at the DeBeers Victor Mine. At AE we are not a silent JV partner. We are a true partner, helping with employment, communication with the Attawapiskat First Nation and looking for sustainable opportunities after the contract ends. Here are some of our joint venture partners:

History and Future

In 2005, Attawapiskat First Nation and De Beers Canada entered into a formal Impact Benefit Agreement related to De Beers’ exploration and diamond mining activities within Attawapiskat traditional territory.

In keeping with the loss of the use of the land while it is being mined, the “IBA” set out how the First Nation would benefit in the areas of:

  • employment and business opportunities
  • training and education
  • sound environmental management
  • financial compensation
Phased Strategy

From the outset, business and employment opportunities secured by Attawapiskat Resources were linked to the operation at Victor.

Phase One

Between 2006 and 2010, we established a number of key Joint Ventures.

Phase Two

Moving away from joint venture arrangements to full ownership and control.

Phase Three

We continue to look for new business opportunities and partnerships.

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