Our goal as Attawapiskat Enterprises is to seek out practical and realistic employment opportunities in the ventures we establish.  Then we can take steps to supplement Attawapiskat First Nation members’ work skills with additional training to match the jobs that result.

  • We held a two-week training program in Attawapiskat for 10 people to learn food preparation and safety standards.  The training program was carried out with support from Collège Boréaland the Province of Ontario.
  • We then launched a second program in co-operation with Collège Boréal, Outland CampsDeBeers Canada and the Province of Ontario.  A two-year “Cooks Certification” program, it will provide training for at least seven individuals from Attawapiskat and other coastal communities.
  • This process, and working with Outland Camps for on-site training, has resulted in outstanding client satisfaction reports for Attawapiskat Catering personnel working at the Victor Mine operation.
  • We funded Advanced Security to conduct a training program in Attawapiskat for 10 First Nation individuals to prepare them to take formal Ontario Certification testing as security guards.
Employment Success

Since Attawapiskat Enterprises was established, we have employed over 150 Attawapiskat First Nation members.

Attawapiskat Catering (ACLP)

ACLP has employed over 110 Attawapiskat First Nation members since the start of our catering contract at the DeBeers Victor Mine.
During production (as of April 2019), ACLP had 41 employees at the Victor Mine, 12 were Attawapiskat First Nations Members.

ACLP continues to seek new business opportunities and strives to employ members of the Attawapiskat First Nation and other First Nations.

Advanced Security (ASLP)

ASLP, through our Basic Security Guard Course, has trained over 40 Attawapiskat members as security guards. These guards have worked in the following capacities:

  • Security and Security Supervision at the Victor Mine
  • Security on the Winter Road
  • Peacekeepers in First Nations Communities
  • Instructors of Advanced Security’s Security Guard Course

Advanced Security continues to conduct Basic Security Guard Courses through out Northern Ontario, including in First Nation Communities. We always attempt to fill our guard positions with Attawapiskat First Nations members and other First Nations whenever possible.

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