History & Future

In 2005, Attawapiskat First Nation and De Beers Canada entered into a formal Impact Benefit Agreement related to De Beers’ exploration and diamond mining activities within Attawapiskat traditional territory.

In keeping with the loss of the use of the land while it is being mined, the “IBA” set out how the First Nation would benefit in the areas of:

  • employment and business opportunities
  • training and education
  • sound environmental management
  • financial compensation

At the same time, Attawapiskat First Nation Chief and Council established our arms-length organization to assist the community and take advantage of the commercial benefits identified in the IBA.  Incorporated in 2005, we are formally Attawapiskat Limited Partnership.

De Beers Canada Victor Mine, Northern Ontario

Using the operating name, Attawapiskat Resources Inc., our original mandate was to:

  • help the First Nation create Joint Venture businesses and revenue-generating opportunities from the Victor Diamond Mine development.
  • represent the business and economic interests of Attawapiskat First Nation members in relation to these opportunities.
  • establish and oversee the growth of community-owned competitive businesses.
  • look for regional opportunities that could continue beyond the life of the Victor mine.
  • maximize revenue and employment opportunities for the long term.

From the outset, business and employment opportunities secured by Attawapiskat Resources were linked to the operation at Victor.

Phase One

Between 2006 and 2010, we established several key Joint Ventures with companies that could supply the mine with explosives and blasting services, helicopter transportation, steel fabrication and heavy equipment mechanical work, security, and other needs. Arrangements and partners include:  ACMSToromont CatSECURECheck, Orica Canada Inc.Helicopter Transport Services (Canada) Inc.Niska Career AcademyPorcupine Engineering Services, Panels & Pipes Mechanical Services, and Thunder Air.  We also partnered with eight other small suppliers.

Phase Two

Building on this foundation, the second business phase involved moving away from joint venture arrangements to full ownership and control.  By the fall of 2010, this led us to establish our first Attawapiskat-owned business, Attawapiskat Catering Limited Partnership.

In 2012, we acquired an existing security firm located in Timmins, Ontario with a longstanding record of service. Now 100% First Nation owned, Advanced Security Limited Partnership, has grown in its number of employees and contracts.

In 2019, we purchased All Security, a provider of Security Systems (alarms, cameras, card access, etc.). This acquisition provided synergies and has allowed Advanced Security to offer a complete Security Solution to our customers.

Phase Three

Attawapiskat Enterprises, Attawapiskat Catering and Advanced Security are now self-sustaining companies that contribute to the Attawapiskat Community Trust.

We continue to look for new business opportunities and partnerships to ensure the growth and sustainability of the companies.

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